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Listing of  Clinical Research in Clinical Departments
Department of Neurology
Department of Neuropsychiatry and Behavioral Science Research
Department of Neurosurgery 

Clinical Department Faculty’:
Helmut Albrecht, MD
The research focus is on clinical trials of drugs to treat retrovirus (HIV) and opportunistic infections (Pneumonia, flu, tuberculosis ) and studying their mechanism of action. Publication

Kevin Bennett, PhD
The research includes the use of health information technology/systems redesigns tools, and health care services, to improve health care delivery to vulnerable rural minorities in the state. Publications

Joshua Mann, MD, MPH
Dr. Mann’s research includes epidemiologic studies related to maternal and child health, the health of people with disabilities, and religion/spirituality and health. Publications

Suzanne McDermott, PhD  
The research focus is on studying the effect of exposure to environmental chemicals and infection during pregnancy on adverse brain development and childhood disability Publication

Davit Mrelashvili, MD
The research focus is on studying molecular basis of neurological disorders including multiple sclerosis and its treatments. Publications

Meera Narasimhan, MD
The research focus is on understanding of neurobiology and novel pharmacological interventions in mood disorders, schizophrenia, co-morbid substance use disorder, and autism. Publications

Souvik Sen, MD
The specific research interests include acute stroke treatment, stroke and TIA pathophysiology, stroke prevention and epidemiology. Publications

Lisa Beth Spiryda, Ph.D., MD
The research areas include  molecular biology, clinical and surgical aspects of gynecological diseases and cancer., Publications